Accident Management

What is it?

If you are unfortunate to have had an accident, you can contact us to discuss how we’d help you. Effective accident management can reduce off-road days, minimising disruption.

We have dedicated partners for:

  • Sourcing the most competitive repair rates for damaged vehicles
  • Arranging hire vehicles whilst damaged ones are repaired or awaiting replacement
  • Replacing total-loss vehicles with a like-for-like vehicle, or better!

How will it help my business?

  • The hassle and time of dealing with your claim is removed
  • Similarly the hassle and time spent sourcing your new vehicle is removed

Why choose RVM?

RVM encompass specialist claims handling for Insurance Companies across the UK. Your insurance company may already have an arrangement with us and talking to us could even mean that the replacement vehicle can be a higher specification than your written-off vehicle.