Complete Business Solutions

How can RVM help your business?

At RVM we know that every business is unique so we continue to strive to find the solution for all business fleet and vehicle management requirements. Through consultancy and support we can find the solution that meets the specific criteria for your business.

RVM is a UK fleet and vehicle management provider based in Middlewich, Cheshire offering contact hire, leasing and a full range of fleet, finance and support solutions.

The RVM Complete Business Solutions include:

Fleet Audit

A detailed and comprehensive review of your fleet.

Whole Life Cost Analysis

Calculating the lifetime cost of your vehicle choices by considering factors such as CO2 emissions and tax.

Competitive Tendering

Offering the latest and lowest prices, generating competition between our vehicle suppliers, leasing  and finance partners.

Fleet Management & Support

All aspects of your fleet will be managed, providing a multitude of reports encompassing all aspects of internal & Regulatory requirements.

Licence Check

Our online service checks your drivers’ licences against DVLA data automatically, reducing risk.

Online and Mobile Fleet Management Platforms

Unlimited and immediate access to your fleet information, putting you in control and helping you reduce fleet administration costs. A Mobile App allows drivers to record mileage and managers to be in control all aspects of the fleet at all times.

Funding Products

Selecting products that work the best for you, from contract hire and leasing products to Finance  – take a look at the contracts provided.

Accident Management

Minimising vehicle off-road days, administration and monitoring, leading to a reduction in fleet costs.

Flexi Hire

Short term rental vehicles from one day, upwards available.

Fleet Insurance

A single policy that covers your entire fleet, with no restrictions on vehicle class or business type can be provided.

Green Fleet

Optimise your vehicle choice, lower your fleet’s carbon footprint and reduce costs.

Grey Fleet Management

Helping you to maintain your green fleet within the law, reducing your duty of care risk.

Fuel Management

Providing greater control over the way your drivers buy and use fuel.

Technical Services

Consistent and comprehensive maintenance with each vehicle we supply.

Fleet Risk

Helping to minimise the risks your drivers face through managed change and driver training.

Complete Business Solutions